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Open House

Book an open house school tour with us at our Mediapolis or Suntec outlet.

Available daily from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.  

 By appointment basis only. 

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Language Playroom

This room is all about language enhancement through play. It is very thematic and phonetic equipped with learning corners and story time, systematic readers, library, dramatization and show & tell.

Math Playroom

In this room, children are encouraged to learn by using manipulative and concrete math material to make learning numbers fun and non-threatening. This experience is enhanced by the use of many themes.

Creative Playroom

This room is all about being creative! Children explore with various forms of creative arts such as singing, dancing, art and craft and dramatization as they work on different themes.

Play Lab

The Playlab is all about taking learning back into a natural and conducive environment for all children. Children are encouraged to explore in nature and use their 5 senses to explore subjects like science, cookery, water play and sand play. This room is usually messy and fun!

Games Room

The games room aims at development through focus on gross and fine motor skills. At the same time this room helps bring out the values and skills like sportsmanship, critical thinking, problem solving etc.

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