Let’s face it, “working parent guilt” is real and sometimes it gets to the best of us. Every working parent, at some point in time, has wondered if they are doing the balancing act right. One of the biggest challenges that working parents face is to be constantly present for their kids physically. However, we can tell you that the amount of time spent with your children can never surmount the quality of the time spent with them. 

How you choose to spend the time with your child aids in their holistic development.

Here are some tips and activities that you can do with your kid to build a strong bond and make the most of your time together:

Find a family activity that you can do together

While you may not spend the whole day together with your child, you can find an activity that you can do as a family regularly post working hours. Toss a salad together before dinner or get the family together for a round of board games. Having simple activities translate into daily rituals will give both of you something to look forward to at the end of the day and ensure the regular quality time.

Have a real conversation

Parents sometimes forget that their little ones are tiny human beings that want to express themselves. Take time to talk to them. Ask them about their day – what they thought about their lessons, how was their school ride back home or who is their best friend. Don’t just stop at that, tell them about yours too! You will be surprised how much your little one understands and how creatively they perceive their world. You may not spend the whole day physically with them, but there is no reason for you to miss out on their experiences.

Make most of your chores 

Do you know that you can bond with your child over chores? Involve your child in simple routines that fit into your work schedule. Take them along with you at the grocery store and play “scavenger hunt” – see if they can help you find everything on your list!

Commit to a project together 

Do you have a yard space that you have been meaning to convert into a beautiful home garden? Has your kid been eyeing the big Death star Lego set? Find a pet project that both of you like and start working on it!

Working on a big project together over days doesn’t just help you spend quality time together but will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and something to show at the end of it. Building something together is definitely a memory to treasure for you and a story for the ages!

Parenting is hard enough, don’t be tough on yourself. Even the smallest interactions will leave a substantial impact on your child’s life. Remember, moments may fade, but memories last forever.