The world is constantly evolving, becoming more and more competitive by the day. To thrive in this environment, it’s crucial to instill confidence in your child. Confident kids are more open to new ideas and challenges and do not shy away from exploring and learning. Self-confidence comes from a sense of belonging, the ability to do things, and the support they get from their surroundings. 

Here are some basic tips for you to help build your child’s self-confidence 

1. Love your child

Understanding your child’s language of love builds a better and more secure relationship. This leads to better confidence and esteem levels in your child. We all love our kids, but there are many intricate components to how we show our kids we love them.

Your child might make a mistake or act mischievous, and you will have to correct him, sometimes sternly. However, do ensure that you have a conversation with them and make them understand right from wrong. Console them when needed and reassure and guide them to do the right thing. When you have frank conversations and establish trust and comfort in your relationship, your child will be more open to explore and experiment. 

2. Develop their Resilience 

Resilience is a key character trait to be instilled in children, especially with the rising stress levels among kids these days. Building resilience will help your kids stay strong in the face of challenges and adapt to any situation thrown at them. In life, there are often ups and downs. Not every child will ace every exam. It is at this time that it becomes critical for you, as parents to use these hurdles as learning experiences for your child and not let the stress overwhelm them. Resilience in simple words is to spring back no matter how hard you are pushed down. 

Have good communication with your child, show them warmth, and be responsive to their needs. Make them believe that they can do whatever they want to do with hard work and that you are always behind them, supporting and cheering for them. Whether it’s a small race in the neighbourhood or an activity in school, always remind them that you are cheering for them! This builds their self-esteem and confidence. 

3. Allowing a platform for them to explore things

Create a platform to develop your child’s self-confidence by encouraging them to do specific tasks themselves. Children gain confidence when they are given the opportunity to take charge of their own things. By setting up safe situations, you are giving your child their space to explore and complete an assigned task. By completing the tasks by themselves, your child is developing a sense of ownership and independence. Of course, your role would be to be by their side supervising and facilitating as they explore! This further enhances their decision-making skills. Such tasks can be as simple as making a sandwich, packing their own bag or even arranging their own toys! Such activities not only expand your child’s horizons but builds their confidence to handle new situations.

4. Validate your child

Validations and compliments can go a long way for your child. By validating your child’s efforts and behaviours, they know what they did well and feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead of comparing your child to others, teach them to reflect on their own efforts over a period of time. By making them believe that their only competition is themselves, you will see a drastic and positive change in their performance! 

5. Enabling Decision Making

When faced with simple dilemmas such as choosing what to wear, encourage your child to make their own decision. In situations such as conflicts, allow them to problem solve on their own while you support them along the way. This way, your child will begin to understand the different aspects and repercussions of their actions. You might actually be quite happily surprised by the ways they come up with!

Imagine your child standing at the forefront of a revolution to change the world for the better. Your child can be the best of themselves, help them build their social skills, and thinking agility. Make them leaders of tomorrow, foster their vigilance and creativity. The rainbow is ready to shine, filling the world with its joyous colours and revolutionary ideas, are you?