For most parents, singing lullabies to their child is a sacred bonding ritual. Whether it’s smiling to their mom’s soulful humming or moving their bodies to a pop song playing on television, most children start responding to music early on. This is because the sense of hearing is one of the very first ways children learn about the world around them. We will all agree that music in its own personalised way is soothing and a beautiful art form, but does it go beyond that?

How does music help your child? 

Music, like all other subjects, plays an important role in children’s development. Through music, children develop various physical, language, socio-emotional and cognitive skills. Music helps children develop better mind-body coordination, and provides children with the foundation of decoding words and sounds, recognizing patterns and the platform for expression and creativity!

On top of that, music is a great mood lifter!

Wondering where to start? 

You can start introducing music in your own home – All you need is a little confidence to give your little one a boost! Choose a night to plan out your very own musical concert. You can get creative and even use household items like pots and pans to create music. 

Get your children together and put on their favourite music to sing and dance along with them. Bring out the music composer in you and experiment with tunes!  

Feel like experimenting? Make your own instruments using empty containers and filling them with materials such as rice, beans or even water. You can shake the containers or hit its edges, creating different sounds. While you are at it, you can even make it a mini science lesson for your kids by bringing their attention to how different objects produce different sounds.

Music and education 

At My Learning Haven, we weave music into our day to day lessons, making it more fun, engaging, and productive. Children tend to remember better with rhymes and tunes, we are not only teaching songs but using music as a way of expanding their vocabulary and introducing new concepts!

Not just that, counting the beats in a song and understanding the mechanism of music is by itself a math lesson. Music develops their motor skills, improving their balance and coordination. Dancing in groups teaches children physical, cognitive, and social learning. Not to forget that expressing themselves through music and dance will do wonders for their self-confidence. 

Musical nights with your child can be one of their best memories. Why wait, do it tonight and see the difference it makes in you and your child’s life!

♪♪ Que será, será

Whatever will be, will be

The future’s not ours to see

Que será, será

What will be will be ♪♪