Learning Through Play: The Revolution in Early Education

Learning Through Play: The Revolution in Early Education

If you are a parent of a toddler, you probably indulge your child’s curious musings and endless questions. Their ability to discover, observe and process information from interaction shows you that your child is always learning. They are constantly acquiring skills whether it’s at home, school or the playground. If your children aren’t restricting their learning to a classroom, why should classrooms adhere to the stereotypes?

Innovators in education are building curricula that now focus on the holistic growth of children. “Learning through Play” is a popular concept among education organizations that are slowly steering towards building an environment where children can think creatively, learn to problem solve, connect and work with others.

Here are three ways how learning through play contributes to your child’s holistic growth.

It’s not all play, no work

“Learning through play” doesn’t mean that we give up on structured learning. Their courses are purposefully designed to integrate concepts, skill building and knowledge into games and activities. My Learning Haven is centered around MOE Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Curriculum and uses the Finnish education principles of integrated play to ensure children develop in their multiple domains; cognitively, socio-emotionally, creatively and physically.

For example, at My Learning Haven, we have life size board games like Snakes and ladders that come to life and children engage physically as they act as “tokens”! Through such activities, various math concepts are weaved into the game and children learn about turn taking, problem solving amidst having fun.

Skill building is child’s play

Learning through play provides an abundance of opportunities for children to interact with others and their environment. As children play, they take on various roles and encounter various situations. Activities and games designed around integrated play usually encourage children to tackle these situations, assisted and guided by teachers.

At My Learning Haven we incorporate this though dramatic play. With our purposefully designed dramatic corner, children get to take on different roles as they interact with each other. Through these interactions, they work on developing their language skills, communication skills and even problem solving skills when conflict arises! This is a great way to help kids construct knowledge, build and take little steps toward achieving competency in their development.

Play, in building confident learners

According to Dr. Richard Woolfson, play develops children’s confidence and self-esteem. Through play, children discover and acquire new skills and abilities which contributes greatly to their sense of achievement and self-satisfaction, pushing them to constantly challenge their limits. In our classrooms we offer different opportunities for children to express their feelings and showcase their capabilities. Through repeated reinforcement and practice, children work on their confidence as they take pride in their work!

The education system is steering away from an academically-driven approach to a more holistic one and we at My Learning Haven are one of the few spearheading this change in Singapore. We have made play an integral part of our curriculum and we see it come to life as our children push boundaries, have fun and learn along the way!

Want to explore if “Learning Through Play” is the best approach for your child? Drop us an email at info@mylearninghaven.com for a conversation.